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AquaSmart Enterprises is a company engaged in the advanced technology soils additive, seeding, agricultural, horticulture and related markets. AquaSmart possesses proprietary intellectual property in a form of a patent which can be applied in various forms using advanced technology processing methods that greatly enhance the moisture retaining capabilities of soils, and aid and enhance the growing production cycle of seeding, agricultural and horticulture. Certain products, such as Ready Play Field Magic™, Ready Play Dry Mats™, and Ready Play Surface Dry™ are currently manufactured by AquaSmart, under the brand name of Ready Play Sports™, and distributed by AquaSmart through affiliated partner distribution sales channels targeting the Sports and Turf markets.

AquaSmart's array of products are equally applicable and oriented to applications in the equestrian, golf course, enhanced moisture retaining fertilizer, combined seed and aeration, and other related applications.

AquaSmart is headquartered in Lubbock, Texas but has sales, technical and other support personnel located in several other geographic areas of the United States. AquaSmart also has networking agents in several foreign countries.

AquaSmart is a privately held company, well capitalized, with the majority of the company owned by Management personnel.

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