How long will Ready Play Field Magic™ last in my infield?

Ready Play Field Magic™, if applied to our specifications, will give benefits lasting 5-7 years. There are many factors that could change this including: the grade and material in your field, the amount you turnover the material and the climate you are in. There will be some needed annual upkeep by adding a small amount of Ready Play Field Magic™ each year.


What is the difference between Ready Play™ products and polymer based products?

Ready Play™ is not a polymer based product. It is a sand based product which is already found in everyone's field. Ready Play™ has created a new, patented product that is much heavier, easier to use and more cost effective than a polymer based product.


Will my field turn into a gel if I use Ready Play™ products?

No. When used correctly, Ready Play Surface Dry™ and Ready Play Field Magic™ blend into the infield profile. Accidental over-application can cause some 'gelling' to occur, however, this will easily incorporate into the infield with additional raking.


Will my surface firm back up after applying Ready Play Field Magic™?

Yes, however Ready Play™ will provide a more cushioned feel to your infield, creating a surface that, with 40-50% less watering, will not dry out and get hard. Your surface will be better than ever!


How much Ready Play Field Magic™ do I need?

The amount of Ready Play Field Magic™ needed is based on size of field, infield mix profile, and local climatic conditions. 1500 lbs. of Ready Play Field Magic™ is a general rule for a regulation size baseball field. For specific guidelines for your field, contact us.


Will you get a clean "cleat in, cleat out" field?

Yes. When properly incorporated, Ready Play Field Magic™ provides a clean surface that players will come to know and desire.


What if I don't have the recommended machinery for the installation?

Even if you don't have the recommended machinery/equipment, we have had extremely positive results using Ready Play Field Magic™ by:

  1. Soaking the field with water
  2. Using a nail drag
  3. Drop spreading Ready Play Field Magic
  4. Nail dragging again
  5. Rolling and watering


Do I have to remove the Ready Play Surface Dry™ from the field?

No, Ready Play Surface Dry™ should be incorporated into those muddy low spots on your field and left there. After raking the product into the topsoil, simply leave the Ready Play Surface Dry™ incorporated. There is absolutely no reason to remove the product afterwards, because long after you apply the Ready Play Surface Dry™ it helps to absorb moisture from future rainstorms as well. Its long lifespan keeps working for you long after you first apply it!


Will Ready Play Surface Dry™ replace calcined clays?

Ready Play Surface Dry™ is a drying agent that is similar to calcined clays, but has the ability to absorb 8 times more water than calcined clays. Ready Play Surface Dry™ will not replace your use of calcined clays, but instead has the ability to enhance and complement the other products you're currently using.


Can I use too much Ready Play™?

Yes. Ready Play™ provides specific usage instructions for your field for the highest quality results possible. For instructions for Ready Play™ products, please contact us. Using too much product can affect the playability of your field. Remember, Less is More.


How much will a Ready Play Dry Mat™ absorb and how long will a Ready Play Dry Mat™ last?

A Ready Play Dry Mat™ will absorb up to 2 gallons of water at a time and will last at least 100 uses, soaking up 200 gallons of water over its lifetime.


How do I buy Ready Play™ products?

We have an extensive network of distributors around the United States that believe that Ready Play™ is going to revolutionize field maintenance. To find a distributor in your area, please contact us.


Who has had success with Ready Play™ on their fields already?

Ready Play™ has already been used by many baseball and softball fields all across the United States. Some of our most recent customers were the Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies, Oakland A's spring training facility and Texas A & M University.


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