Ready Play Field Magic

Infield & Warning Tracks

Field Magic Before and After

Left: With Ready Play Field Magic
Right: Without Field Magic

Field Magic™ Ready Play's premier moisture retention product that will save you, not only time and energy, but water and money! Just incorporate Field Magic™ into the top 2 - 3 inches of your skinned infield or warning track and watch the Magic work for you!

Field Magic™ is a superabsorbent sand, under a patented process, whose advanced technology greatly increases water holding capacity, prevents soil erosion, lowers frequency of watering and irrigation, and is biodegradable and non-toxic.


Ready Play Field Magic™ is used as a moisture management product for a wide variety of locations. Field Magic™ enhances "Sports Fields" of all types (baseball, softball, soccer, playgrounds, football, race tracks, tennis courts, etc).


Based on soil conditions Field Magic™ has demonstrated water and irrigation savings ranging from 50% for sandy soils to 70% for clay and other soils. Frequency of watering and irrigation, as well as watering labor costs have decreased dramatically.


When hydrated, Field Magic™ will retain 12 times its weight while competing products hold only 1 time their weight in water.

Field Magic™ Dirt Bag


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