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Field Magic

Field Magic™ is Ready Play's premier water retention product that will provide the longest lasting benefits for your needs!

Infields & Warning Tracks

Ready Play Field Magic™ is a granular (sand-like) material that works to retain moisture in the top few inches of your field so you don't waste water. Ready Play Field Magic™ also improves the condition of your field, making it a more desirable surface for your players.

"Field Magic has the potential to revolutionize the maintenance of baseball and softball infields. Its moisture retention capabilities are like nothing I have ever seen before."
Clay Wood, Head Groundskeeper, Oakland A's

"I've been around baseball as a player or coach for over 40 years and have to say that Ready Play products, for speed of getting the field ready, playability and longevity of results have me amazed."
- Don Robison, Vice President of Sales, The Cisco Company, Indiana

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Turf Enhancement

Ready Play Field Magic™ granular (sand-like) consistency and advanced technology makes it the perfect material to hold moisture when top dressing, overseeding, aerating, and laying new sod.

"The results were both shocking and amazing. Field Magic not only revitalized our grass, it got it back to a beautiful rich green that made our field ready to play at its high standards with no additional watering"
- Chris McMormack – Director of Baseball Operations University of the Pacific

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Drying Agent Technology

Ready Play™ has created a sure fix for those problem puddles that you all have on your fields when it rains. After a rainstorm, when water sits on those low areas of the field you can use Ready Play Dry Mats™ to help get rid of that standing water.

Each mat is 24" long, 12" wide and 2" thick and each mat can soak up 2 gallons of water at a time. This is a perfect alternative to trenching or shoveling the excess water off your field. By using Ready Play Dry Mats™, you won't lose any of your topsoil; you'll simply suck the water of the surface.

"The Dry Mats have been an incredible asset to managing the wet spots on our field. They take in tons of water but nothing sticks to them. They are a must have for anyone who battles those tough low areas we all have on our fields. They work better than any product we've used.
- Ed Sprague, Former Major Leaguer and Head Baseball Coach, University of the Pacific

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Once the standing water is removed by using the Ready Play Dry Mats™, there will almost always be a big muddy area that makes your surface too wet to play on. The perfect solution for getting your field back to a playable condition is to use Ready Play Surface Dry™.

Ready Play Surface Dry™ is similar in concept to the leading calcined clays that are currently on the market in their ability to absorb moisture. Ready Play Surface Dry™ however, is proven to be able to absorb 8 times more water than traditional calcined clay! What in the past took 200 lbs of calcined clay, can now be absorbed by only using approximately 25 lbs of Ready Play Surface Dry™.

"I'm very impressed with Surface Dry's absorption capability, with very little product used. Being able to use 25 lbs. instead of numerous 50 lb. bags of drying agents makes our job much easier!"
-Shawn Brewer, Superintendent of Fields, Texas Tech University

When spread evenly over the muddy area and after raking it in, Ready Play Surface Dry™ will pull excess moisture out of the topsoil and will distribute that moisture throughout the surrounding area. Ready Play Surface Dry™ has such quick absorbing qualities that your field will be ready to play on in a matter of minutes!

By using the Dry Mats™ and Surface Dry™ together as a system for moisture control, your field will be ready for games, practices, etc in no time!

The goal for Ready Play is to provide products that help you get your field in great condition, but to save you money and water in the process. Ready Play products, as a complete moisture management system, provides an overall benefit to you and your program for the best quality field you'll ever have!

"Being responsible for the playability and safety of a baseball field, [I believe] Ready Play gives me another tool that I can utilize to get the best performance from my infield."
- Mark Razum, Head Groundskeeper, Colorado Rockies

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