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Ready play Surface Dry™

Ready Play Surface Dry™ has been proven to absorb 8 times more water than traditional calcined clay! What once took 200 lbs of calcined clay, can now be accomplished with 25 lbs of Ready Play Surface Dry™.

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Ready play Dry Mat™

Ready Play Dry Mat™ is the perfect solution for standing water on your playing surface. Each mat can absorb up to 2 gallons of water at a time. By using Ready Play Dry Mat™, you will not lose any of your topsoil; you will simply absorb the water off the surface.

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sufrace dry
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Ready play Field Magic™

Ready Play Field Magic™ is Ready Play's premier moisture retention product that will save you, not only time and energy, but water and money! Just incorporate Ready Play Field Magic™ into your skinned infield, warning track, or turf and watch the Magic work for you!

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"Field Magic has the potential to revolutionize the maintenance of baseball and softball fields. Its moisture retention capabilities are like nothing I have ever seen before." Clay Wood, Head Groundskeeper

Oakland A's

"Being responsible for the playability and safety of a baseball field, [I believe] Ready Play gives me another tool that I can utilize to get the best performance from my field." Mark Razum, Head Groundskeeper

Colorado Rockies

"I got involved with Ready Play because I've been dealing with different ratios of clays, silts, and sands for years. I honestly believe it's going to take a synthetic product like Ready Play's technology to take our industry to the next level." Dan Cunningham, Head Groundskeeper

New York Yankees

Sports Turf Magazine May 2011 Cover

Sports Turf Magazine - May 2011

"New Infield Skin Products Help Manage Moisture" pp 42 - 43

Calder Hendrickson exhibited at this year's Sports Turf Managers Association Conference for the first time with his new company, Read Play Sports. His product caught our eye because several MBA groundskeepers had signed on to endorse the product.

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"As a compnay we are focused on moisture management. If you have too much, we can reduce it, if you don't have enough, we can help you hold onto more. The goal of our products is to intensify the effects of calcined clays, vitrified clays, etc.; we just want to make them better." Calder Hendrickson, Ready Play Sports